When you Property Insurance breaks their promise

ERROL SANTOS, filed against his insurance provider for non-compliance and won

ERROL SANTOS had a homeowner's insurance policy to protect one of his important assets, his home. He believed that the policy will protect against any peril and contingencies so he does not have to worry about the future and the well-being of his family.

Unfortunately, Errol's home sustained some damage after an earthquake. He diligently reported the claim and patiently waited for the adjusters to address the problem. To his increasing frustration, he was being given the run-around. The insurance company ultimately denied his claim.

The Law Offices of C. Joe Sayas, Jr. filed a lawsuit on behalf of Errol and his family, alleging that the insurance company dealt in bad faith against its insured. The insurance company eventually recognized that they had to pay the benefits that their insured bargained for, and settled the case to the satisfaction of Errol and his family. 

“We came to America to have a better life, not to fight with anyone, or to cause trouble. However, I had a claim due to what started as a small problem about my house. The insurance company was doing little to help me. There came a point that the problem endangered the life of my family. I kept writing and calling the insurance company every month, but nothing was happening and no one was responding to me. Atty. Sayas took on the work and did all the things that needed to be done. We won with Atty. Sayas. If at first you feel that you do not have any rights, or you're embarrassed to make a claim, or you think you won't stand a chance, it is important to consult with an attorney. Attorney Sayas was very knowledgeable and experienced. Right then and there he explained what can and cannot be done. This, I thinks, is what's important in retaining him, his loyalty and truthfulness to me as the client, that he did not mislead me or cause me to hope on things that were not based on facts. Because of this experience, I knew that with Atty. Sayas' handling of the case, the outcome will be positive for me and my family. And I was proven right!”

– Errol Santos

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