There are employment or consumer claims the value of which may be small to justify an individual lawsuit. However, if the wrongful conduct harms many other persons, a class action may be a way for them to seek remedies.

What Is a Class Action? It is a lawsuit by one person or a group of persons (called the class representative) on behalf of themselves and all other persons who have the same injuries or claims. A claim for overtime pay by one employee, for example, may be made, not only for that employee, but for all other employees who may have the same claims.

A class action provides an inexpensive way to resolve modest claims that affect several persons. Clients do not pay any out-of-pocket expenses and the costs of the litigation are advanced by the attorneys.

In class actions, a class representative will sue on behalf of everyone affected without need for them to be named in the complaint. This is especially important in a claim for back wages because it minimizes the risk of employer retaliation against other employees.

A class action is a potent weapon available to employees and consumers that allows them to challenge widespread violations, and to be compensated for valid claims. A class action sends the message that violation of laws can be expensive to the violator, and thus, deter future misconduct.

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