Civil Rights and Discrimination

We help individuals who are denied equal opportunity at work or business by reason of their race, sex, age, or disability, including pregnancy.  Our firm fights for the rights of minority and immigrant workers in court, including those who have fallen prey to labor human trafficking. We prosecute civil actions on behalf of victims of police abuses and governmental misconduct.

  • Human Labor Trafficking

Human trafficking is obtaining labor by the use of force, fraud or coercion in order to subject a person to involuntary servitude or slavery. Victims of trafficking do not have to be foreign nationals, they could be American citizens or residents. They do not have to travel, be transported, or moved across state or national borders. Even without transportation, persons who are compelled by force, fraud, or coercion to provide labor or services are still victims of labor trafficking.

Trafficking victims do not have to be physically restrained (or locked up) by the “employer.” Trafficking victims may be able to go outside the workplace but the employer still maintains psychological control over the victim by threats of harm to the victim or the victim's family.

Human trafficking is a criminal offense. However, the victims can recover money against the employers. California law allows the recovery of treble damages.

  • Fourth Amendment Rights

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees a person's right to be free from unreasonable use of excessive force by law enforcement officers. Cases decided under a Fourth Amendment claim affirm this guarantee. The police owes a duty to use reasonable care in deciding to use and in fact in using deadly force. The “reasonableness” standard simply asks: Are the officers' actions “objectively reasonable” in light of the circumstances confronting them?

A police officer, therefore, may use deadly force only if he has a reasonable belief there is an immediate risk that the person being detained will cause death or serious bodily harm. However, an officer who uses excessive force in making a lawful arrest or detention violates that person's constitutional rights.

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