Our law firm is closely monitoring the coronavirus and COVID-19 situation. Our thoughts are with those impacted by this pandemic. We feel for all employees unable to go to work in view of their health, the need to take care of a loved one, or because their employer's work has closed due to the government's Stay at Home Order.

We seek to provide more information on employees' rights in the midst of this crisis, particularly on issues of employment leaves, disability, and unemployment. These information are available in our website free of charge, committed as we are in protecting employees and consumers' rights.

For small business owners, we will help provide guidance in determining if their insurance policies provide coverage to pay for financial losses they suffered from business interruptions caused by this crisis.

Our office will remain virtually open during business hours to move forward with clients' cases, address their concerns, and meet court deadlines. We will continue to answer your inquiries and respond to all urgent matters.

These are difficult times, but we continue to be of service. May you all be safe and may your health always be protected.

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