Working 12-Hour Days means you may be owed Back Wages

ERIC BALTAZAR, filed against his employer and won for his co-workers as well.

ERIC BALTAZAR worked as a laboratory technician for a company that provides on-site laboratory services at clients' locations.  Technicians travel to and from clients' facilities in company-provided vehicles, transporting specialized laboratory equipment and supplies used to produce specimen slides in the course of Mohs surgery, a procedure for skin cancer treatment. 

In an effort to minimize labor costs, Eric's employer refused to pay Eric and his fellow employees overtime for work beyond 8 hours in a day. Furthermore, the employees were denied their legally-mandated meal and rest breaks and were not paid premium wages for these missed breaks.

The Law Offices of C. Joe Sayas, Jr. helped Eric and his fellow hard-working employees recover their back wages, as well as additional premium wages for their missed meal and rest breaks.

“Don't be afraid, whatever is your station in life. The law applies to everyone. We all felt that we were being taken advantage of, but nobody wanted to speak up because they were afraid to lose their jobs. I was not too sure that speaking up would result to any change in how we were treated. Atty. Sayas reassured me that the law will be applied equally to everyone. I took comfort in that. That gave me the courage to step up for myself and my co-workers. The support that Atty. Sayas and his office provided to me gave me the strength to keep going and fight on, for myself and my fellow workers who, I felt were really exploited. Atty. Sayas also helped me see that I could make a difference. And with his help, I did.” 

– Eric Baltazar

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